Cynic – Kindly Bent to Free Us

Cynic’s previous full length Traced in Air exhibited a more dialed back, accessible version of Cynic, which divided many fans. After this, they ventured into electronica territory with their remix EP Re-traced and then moving into a much more experimental, atmospheric take on their style with the Carbon-Based Anatomy EP. So what can you expect […]

Deftones Live @ The Palace, Melbourne, Australia

I recall telling someone many years ago that I was just getting into Deftones and they informed me how terrible they were live. Chino Moreno’s vocals in particular. 2010 rolls around and they release one of the most acclaimed metal albums of that year with an equally as successful touring cycle. After being absolutely floored […]

Saint Vitus Interview With Dave Chandler

For most people the name Saint Vitus strikes up the image of a historic, Gothic structure located in the heart of Prague. With its foreboding structure, haunting spires and myriad of gargoyles, this visual is akin with the sounds of a legendary four-piece doom band from Los Angeles that shares the same name (albeit they […]

Orpheus Omega: ResIllusion

It goes without saying that an album should be judged on its own merits, however when taking into context the already astounding output by young Melbourne Melodeath thrashers Orpheus (or Orpheus Omega as they’re now known) one can’t help but be impressed if not astonished. So should you listen to their sophomore release, ResIllusion? If […]

Periphery & Crossfaith Live @ The Espy, Melbourne, Australia

If you happened upon the Esplanade Hotel tonight you would have witnessed a lengthy queue comprised of every type of fan. From the basketball top donning metal-core fan, to the staunchest metal-head, to the biggest nerd, to even the most casually dressed of folk. Periphery’s reach alone should be enough reason to give them some […]

HEAVY Interviews Finntroll’s Mathias Lillmåns

Troll metal is about as niche as it gets. So to say Finntroll is the leading the way in their genre would be a reasonable statement. That’s not to say they just win by default. Should the style proliferate more artists, the Finnish Folk metallers would certainly still be a golden contender, with robust song […]

Vision of Disorder: The HEAVY Interview With Tim Williams

Vision of Disorder, or VOD as they’re more affectionately known, tend to get lumped too easily into the hardcore genus. However it was their blending of progressive and metal elements that separated them from the pack in the mid 90s. While they amassed a devout cult following during this period, there was still a contingent […]