ABBATH ‘Outstrider’

For decades Abbath has been the corpse-painted face, mascot if you will, of the black metal world. When Abbath decided to leave Immortal in 2015 it shocked the entire metal community, in particular, the black metal world. This, of course, brought up the question of what path and direction Abbath would take which would continue […]

Letting Life Grow with CALIGULA’S HORSE

“In term of the fans, I love the idea of giving them a unique experience that will probably never be repeated. The cool thing about this tour is we’re doing it as an “evening with”, a couple of hours of our crazy prog. For a Caligula’s Horse fan [the Let It Grow tour] this is going to be fairly historic. It’s going to be something that is an interesting learning experience both for us and those who come out are, for what it’s worth, going to be getting a once in a lifetime experience.”

KRISIUN at The Barwon Club Geelong on 20/06/19

It is always a disappointment when a band/s put on an event that deserves far more attendees than are present. Sure it was beyond cold and miserable evening in Geelong on Thursday night and that may well of been symptomatic of the turn out. But if KRISIUN, both a name and a band synonymous with […]

KING PARROT at The Barwon Club, Geelong on 01/06/19

Another killer night in ol’ G’town for gig number two at the BC for this years very short four date run for what has seemingly become King Parrot’s annual Regional Rampage tour and once again the passionate heavy metal hordes braved the nut shrivelling weather and post AFL match Cats fans to be kept warm […]

D-A-D “A Prayer For The Loud”

A Prayer For The Loud is like shaking hands with an old mate or hugging a new friend. Just really good, catchy rock that tugs at the heartstrings.

DIAMOND HEAD ‘The Coffin Train’

Forty three years ago a legend with pure intent and foresight was born. Formed in Stourbridge England was one of the flag carriers and front linesmen for what we Metaheads know and revere as the sound instantly recognised as NWOBHM. Few bands can claim the title of Godfathers of the genre, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, […]

NE OBLIVISCARIS at 170 Russell, Melbourne on 10/05/2019

Friday May 10th at 170 Russell in Melbourne can only be described as a Sold Out Heavenly Progressive Tech Death Extravaganza. It was far more than an evening of heavy entertainment hosting some of our country’s and the world’s greatest metal musicians and bands in one venue on one special night for one special tour. […]

ENTOMBED ‘Live Clandestine’

Twenty-Eight years ago, in 1991, cutting edge extreme music was being forged. An abundance of many angry teenagers was looking for expression, disregarding what anybody thought and blended together with a myriad of emotions and feelings, differing musical tastes, genres were smashed together and influences created a fledgling and raw style of heavy music. This […]

SUPERHEIST ‘Sidewinder’

Sidewinder – They have written, recorded and produced a truly significant album that redefines the Superheist we thought we knew.

AT THE GATES, THE HAUNTED, WITCHERY at Max Watts, Melbourne on 27/4/19

Q: What’s better than seeing one of Sweden’s premiere and best Death Metal bands live? A: Seeing three of Sweden’s premiere best bands on the same bill on the same night! Australia was last week privileged to have the honor of hosting what was known as the Triple Kill bill. Witchery, The Haunted and At […]


I want you to imagine for a moment if you can, that if Gojira got romantically intimate with Deafheaven whilst flirting graciously with Alcest and Astronoid and produced a beautiful pure newborn! Then what we will hear spawned from this consummation is one incredible band out of Calgary, known as Numenorean and their latest offspring […]

OMIUM GATHERUM at The Barwon Club, Geelong 19/4/19

There’s always a special little tingling feeling in the marrow of metal fans when who live outside of the burbs and big cities and a big international band comes to play in their hometown and even better when it’s at the venue which is many a metalheads local drinking establishment. So…what better way to be […]

VLTIMAS ‘Something Wicked Marches In

The term ‘Supergroup’ definitely gets bandied about way too often. Often featuring one, maybe two relevant member/s of a genre and/or band long forgetting or now seemingly irrelevant. The last true and great supergroup to rear its formidable head was none other than Killer Be Killed in 2014 and released a devastating and, pardon the […]

Jukka Of OMNIUM GATHERUM Interprets His Burning Desire To Tour Australia

“For the individual…and for the whole population, we are the whole world as nations and the bigger picture, we are one planet…Heavy Metal music globally is really aggressive…but there are studies that say there’s such a positive vibration going on in the metal community globally. There’s no violence!

EMPEROR at 170 Russell, Melbourne 3/4/19

There is no question that Emperor are one of the founding fathers of black metal and that they sit amongst a throne at the top of the black metal elite. Releasing some of the most important albums that shaped and designed the genre as we know it today. The first of which is In The […]

SUPERHEIST Interview with DW Norton

Superheist | HEAVY Magazine

Superheist was born in a beachside, suburban town called Frankston in the state of Victoria, Australia and began as a powerful industrial/electronic death metal band in 1993. Over time Superheist diversified into the nu-metal “groove kings” who moved thousands of punters during a time The Big Day Out [2002] was around. But, in 2003, Superheist, decided to call it a day, much to the disappointment of their fans. They had grown so fast and achieved so much — it was a shock to see them fold.


There isn’t much that can be said about DEVIN TOWNSEND to describe him as a musician, artist, creator that hasn’t already been used to describe his many and varied albums talents and ventures throughout his twenty-six years as an incredibly talented, respected and revered career. EMPATH marks his twenty-third solo record (not including five STRAPPING […]

ANAAL NATHRAKH at Max Watts, Melbourne on 8/3/19

Last night at Max Watts in Melbourne was probably one of the most diverse yet cohesive and bonding evening of metal I have witnessed for a long time. In support of their first ever brief tour of Australia, ANAAL NATHRAKH had an avant garde array of supports that complimented their headline evening. First up was the […]

BEHEMOTH’s Nergal Chats Light And Dark And Farewelling To Slayer

“I have never really wanted to pretend. I’m too old to pretend and really think that I am genuine artist and when you see me on stage I am one hundred percent that persona! What you are seeing is me there. There’s a billion different versions of me, but at that time on stage you see me and then off stage and the different but other me is sincere and honest. I love my life and I like to squeeze the juices out of it…I am living my dream and it is really a great life!”, Nergal – BEHEMOTH

Coming Round A Full 360° CIRCLES

Circles - HEAVY Magazine

“All of the songs on the album deal with dissatisfaction in some way whatever that may be… getting ready to have the rug swept out from underneath you. But every time we get to the end a song we always hope to find a positive spin on the bleakness because we do smile and we do enjoy life and we do want to convey a little bit of hope to whatever the situation might be.

DEAFHEAVEN at The Corner Hotel, Melbourne on 27/02/19

Let’s face it, there are two types of people when it comes to DEAFHEAVEN. There are those that hate them and there’s those of us that love them! For too long a time, I was in the latter. I just didn’t get them. Their atmosphrice and melodic story telling style of shoegaze black metal influence […]

ALIEN WEAPONRY and Cultured Thrash Metal

“To come home and get the news we’ve been offered that support was pretty insane. We collectively said “WHAT?” laughed it off and said yeah on the bill or something as SLAYER, but didn’t initially believe that we’d be opening for SLAYER and ANTHRAX.”


QUEENSRŸCHE are definitely ones of those bands that have endured through both magnificence and turbulence no matter what has been thrown their way. They are also a band that I adored during the late ’80s and early ’90s, but, due to my tastes broadening they just kind of fell off my listening radar. But… as […]

WATAIN at Max Watts, Melbourne on 22/02/19

When a “real” Black Metal band lands in Melbourne rampant hordes of worshipping daemons flock forth into the night to release their internal wrath up the dark world. Friday night, at Max Watts, we bore witness to the blood splattered debauchery of Sweden’s overlords of dark satanic armageddon; they are, WATAIN. Supports, Eskhaton, were, without doubt, the perfect legion […]

PROGFEST 2019 at The Croxton, Melbourne on 26/01/2019

Gathered in Melbourne, specifically at The Croxton Bandroom on this the 26th of January was a diverse crowd of punters and participants for Progfest 2019 who were about to witness a full line-up and showcase of some of this country’s upcoming and finest representatives of more than just heavy music, but clearly artistry and proficiency […]

THE BLACK QUEEN at The Northcote Social Club, Melbourne on 20/01/19

This past weekend in Melbourne, specifically at The Northcote Social Club (not neglecting Brisvegas and Sydney) was an emotional, cathartic, beautiful and life-changing for those of us that had the opportunity to witness one or all of the sold-out gigs for debut tour of The Black Queen. Those of us that had the privilege of […]

SOILWORK ‘Verkligheten’

The late ‘90’s were a very important time time in metal. It was a period back in time when the most important country to export all things containing heavy ear candy was Sweden. The list of bands and their importance and contribution to what would change the face of metal is long, but, one of […]

The Monumental MONUMENTS

Guitarist for MONUMENTS, Browne explains in depth the reasons for the band only delivering lyric videos for the first three song releases from the latest album Phronesis. “Well, there’s a very good reason for that! Our singer (Chris Barretto) lives in New York, Our drummer (Daniel ‘Lango’ Lang) lives in Dublin then our bass player […]

SPECTRAL FIRES Turn Our Ears Towards The Sun

Young Melbourne band Spectral Fires have been busy honing, refining and attempting to perfect their style of melodic hardcore for the past five years and have landed themselves some terrific supports and gained new fans and recognition based on their tight band brotherhood and seemingly neverending quest to acknowledge the fact that collectively they can […]

VOIVOD Celebrating the Fate of the World

Voivod are one of this universe’s most underrated yet influential metal bands. Having released fourteen studio albums during their thirty-five-year career, Voivod has during those three and a half decades continued to make an impact and important statements via their unmistakable progressive sci-fi trademark sound. In September Voivod return to our shores to tour their […]

STEVEN WILSON at The Palais, Melbourne on 10/11/18

Having made a significant impact within the progressive rock world and on the genre itself for over thirty years now, Steven Wilson has become a very important and extremely significant entity within the music world as a whole for his many ventures and extensive back catalogue of albums to his name. Namely Porcupine Tree and […]

THE ANTICHRIST IMPERIUM ‘Every Tongue Shall Praise Satan’

The new Antichrist Imperium album, Every Tongue Shall Praise Satan, took a while to reach my inbox but holy fucking Jesus it was worth the wait. This album is nothing short of intellectual avant garde chaotic magnificence. The art contained in its forty eight minute length is most certainly not for the heavy music elitist or folks ignorant to […]

PSYCROPTIC ‘As The Kingdom Drown’

Let’s dive straight into the brand spanker from the Tasmanian titans of extreme technical death metal mastery Psycroptic shall we. As The Kingdom Drowns begins with a crushing intro where you should probably ensure your speakers are at a level that it can handle the force of the gatling gun ferocity and remains an unrelenting […]

BRUCE DICKINSON Spoken Word – 19/10/2018 Palais Theatre Melbourne

1:22am – Metal V has just returned home and has a deadline to meet pertaining to a review that must be submitted of a solo spoken word show delivered by THE ONE VOICE that made me the metal loving man I am today. That voice belongs to none other than the one and only, never […]

DIMMU BORGIR at 170 Russell, Melbourne on 16/10/18 & 17/10/18

Let’s face it readers, for those of us that are fans of the black symphonic beauty of Dimmu Borgir, we have waited far too long to bare witness to a headline tour from these Norwegian titans of undoubtedly one of the most important, instantly recognisable and renowned extreme bands the world has ever known. Dimmu’s […]

THE BLACK QUEEN ‘Infinite Games’

A little prologue to begin this review if I may? In August of 2016 when I read of the shock pending split of one of my favorite bands of all time, The Dillinger Escape Plan I was near heartbroken. So many times TDEP in all their magnificence and organised chaos have pulled me from the […]

SCOTT IAN at Goldfields Theatre, Melbourne, 26/9/18

Last night I had the pleasure of listening to two hours of heavy metal anecdotes and stories from one of the pioneers of Thrash Metal and founder of Anthrax, Mr Scott Ian. I have been to several spoken word events in my life and all of them were hosted by Henry Rollins. I was both intrigued and a little […]

ANAAL NATHRAKH ‘A New Kind of Horror’

Extreme music by its very nature and at the very core of all it condones whether right or wrong, good or bad and depicts through art, music, vocals and lyrics IS the heart of the confronting nature of a very real realm of which we, as humans reside within. It chooses to not pander in […]

METAL FEST at Max Watts, Melbourne 4/8/18

One special Saturday night a mere six weeks ago there was a union of Aussie metal legends at Max Watts for the inaugural Metal Fest put together and hosted by long time champion of the Melbourne Metal Scene and Birthday Boy Mr. Jackson Donohue. Eight months in the making was this evening featuring Headless, Cryptic […]

CALIGULA’S HORSE at Howler, Melbourne 16/8/18

Caligula’s Horse fourth album, 2017’s In Contact was in my top three albums of last year. It received critical worldwide acclaim and rightfully so. It is a stunning masterpiece of near perfect song writing and complexity that the heavy listening ears of this world pricked up and embraced it’s beauty with open arms. So it obviously became […]

THY ART IS MURDER at The Barwon Club on 17/8/18

Thy-Art-Is-Murder-Antagonist-A.D.- Australian-Tour

There’s always something special about seeing an internationally renowned and revered metal band do small venue national tour. It’s for those of us to get intimate, up close and personal with the fans that put said band on the international heavy musicradar. And let it be said that getting intimate, though as contradictory as it […]

STEEL PANTHER at The Forum, Melbourne on 15/05/18

If you ask any member of the band Steel Panther who the greatest Heavy Metal band in all of Heavy Metal is and they will happily kick you in the balls or grab your boobies and tell you that it is without question STEEL PANTHER. Whilst they may be far from the greatest Heavy Metal […]

Live Review: IHSAHN at Max Watts, Melbourne on 7/5/18

Ihsahn is considered a legend and a household name amongst a plethora of wannabe’s in the extreme metal world. And our great southern land has finally seen the great man tour our shores for the first time ever at the start of May to do a full solo tour promoting and playing material from his […]


Structured amongst a journey of Immense chaos, malevolent, rhythmic clarity and Avante-Garde jazz fusionesque extreme artistry today we welcome to the world “Ámr”, (Nordic meaning black, loathsome or dark) the magnificent seventh solo album courtesy of black metal legend Ihsahn. After Emperor decided to take an unknown hiatus of sorts Ihsahn has proven himself as […]


Silently, leaving the hordes of faithful followers salivating for seven years between releases Dimmu Borgir have kept their listeners hanging for any new mere morsel to echo from and throughout the quiet halls of their orchestral blackened magnificence. Waiting so long, Dimmu had time on their side to deliver something truly breathtaking, special and a […]


Let’s face it, readers, in 2014 AD by far the best metal release was Behemoth’s ‘The Satanist’. From start to finish it was near perfect! Receiving worldwide critical acclaim everything contained within it’s darkened evil and heavy beauty was by far the best thing that the Polish quartet have put to tape. Now imagine thinking to […]

SLUGDGE ‘Esoteric Malacology’

So…SLUGDGE (Pronounced ‘Slug-j’ The D is silent!) Straight off the bat, Slugdge is the best extreme metal British band you haven’t heard yet! And I use the term “band” very loosely. Slugdge is but a mere yet incredible two piece ensemble consisting of Matt Moss & Kev Pearson both of whom have seemingly lived in an underground […]