AFI Live @ The Prince Band Room, Melbourne, Australia

What separates a solid band from live artists? Amid a huge crop of talented heavyweights on this year’s Soundwave bill, what makes a live act outstanding? Delivering a show as sophisticated as it was raucous, as honest and raw as it was professional, alt rockers AFI demonstrated that being a performing artist involves so much […]

Northlane: Singularity

An intense and incredibly listenable metalcore release, Singularity is characterised by thundering, deep low-end riffs and swimming, reverb-laden guitars. With expressive vocals and abrupt chops and changes, the dynamic record is pleasingly reminiscent of metalcore leaders, Underoath. But Northlane’s likeness to the American act gets awkward – Windbreaker’s intro sounds scarily similar to Underoath’s the […]

Voltera: Coordination

A combination of metal, industrial, electronic, experimental and everything in between, Voltera’s frenzied arrangements showcase original riffs, bold synth sounds, effects, death growls and perverted pop hooks. Voltera’s album, Coordination, is a collection of their three previously released EPs entitled Coordination 1, 2 and 3. Coordination is creative, disorientating and incredibly unique, with bizarre song […]