Red Fang – Whales and Leeches

While Red Fang can easily be labeled as a stoner rock or stoner metal band – after all they do sound a lot like other bands of the genre – they seem to be an odd man out in the group. First of all, they broke through much later than most of the popular bands […]

REVIEW: Taberah – Necromancer

The amount of amazing metal bands that emerge from Australia is not a surprise, given the amount of talent and the passion for metal peppered throughout the country. Taberah is out to prove once again that Australian metal is top shit and that there’s more to their home state than just the Tasmanian devil or […]

Gorefield: As Dawn Bleeds the Sky

As Dawn Bleeds the Sky is the debut from the promising Aussie band Gorefield. Forged in the fires of ’80s metal with touches of thrash, it is a welcome trip down memory lane – with a fresh twist. The ’80s revival is nothing new, as it’s been going on for more than 10 years. But imitating […]

REVIEW: Naberus – Reveries

After years of launching EPs and demos that conquered the underground, Naberus’ hard work finally paid off and their debut full-length Reveries has hit the shelves. The result is an aggressive, loud and bone-breaking sequence of nine torpedoes that blend almost all the most daunting trends in modern metal. Their fast riffs and hallucinating sequences […]

Dream Theater – Self Titled (Released September 20)

Following 2011’s acclaimed A DRAMATIC TURN OF EVENTS comes Dream Theater’s self titled new album, the twelfth in their epic catalogue. DREAM THEATER was recorded at Cove City Sound Studios in Glen Cove, New York, with founding guitarist John Petrucci producing and studio luminary Richard Chycki (Aerosmith, Rush) engineering and mixing. The album marks a […]

Fear Factory Live @ The Palace, Melbourne

Fear Factory’s second album Demanufacture broke some significant ground when it came out, around 18 years ago. Metal was going through an odd phase, almost an identity crisis. Major acts of the ’80s were either dormant or had lost their bearings. While the main stream was dominated by your alternative, grunge, industrial, lollapalooza bound acts, real […]

Eluveitie Live @ Billboard the Venue, Melbourne

While cross-genre denominations such as ‘folk metal’ might seem overplayed – after all, there are hundreds of bands out there trying to draw attention by creating another niche sub-genre in metal – if there is one band out there that embraces such distinction, it’s Switzerland’s Eluveitie.

LORD Live @ The Evelyn, Melbourne, Australia

Long time veterans of the local sin, and with significant opening slots and overseas tours in their luggage, LORD are probably one of the bands that more accurately define what Australian metal is: talented, unique, and full of attitude. Breaking an almost three year studio silence, they’ve decided to throw a metal party to celebrate […]

Glenn Hughes Live @ The Corner Hotel, Melbourne

If I had to name the greatest voices of all time in rock, Glenn Hughes would be on my list – and pretty high up. Well that’s not just me, as he is praised for his unique singing skills by many fans and critics, and has been indeed labelled ‘The Voice of Rock’ at some […]

Opeth, Katatonia Live @ The Palace, Melbourne, Australia

As soon as this Opeth tour was announced, euphoria took over all metalhead related social media. Shortly after, Katatonia was added to the bill and then Swedish victory on Australian shores was certain. When the day of the gig finally arrived, a few interesting teasers suggested this would be indeed a night to remember. First […]

Alestorm ‘Live at the End of the World’ DVD Shoot

Scottish pirate metal legends Alestorm stormy raid of Australian harbours started off by transforming Swanston Street into Port Royal in the Caribbean of the 17th century. There they were since the early hours in the evening: buccaneers and privateers with their distinctive hats, companion parrots, puffy shirts and bottles of rum filled with expectations of […]

Sabaton Live @ The Corner Hotel, Melbourne, Australia

Swedish metal warriors Sabaton chose Melbourne to host their only headline show from their first tour ‘Down Under’, supporting Nightwish. Local metal community responded with all their might: massive support, with an impressive queue of avid punters forming around the venue since early in the evening. Opening acts couldn’t possibly be more appropriate. First on […]

Interview with David Sittig of Impending Doom

From the time when Black Sabbath shocked the world with their heavy music and occultism based lyrics, heavy metal has been quite often associated with Satanism and the evil side of life – in some cases, like Black Sabbath and many others, just due to a unfair misinterpretation by society in general. While it is […]