The Putrid Pile HEAVY Interview

Shawn Lacanne is the one man death metal machine in charge of the gruesome Putrid Pile. How is that possible you ask? Well Shawn uses a drum machine and backing track while churning out the sickness on guitar and vocals of his juggernaut project. I caught up with him to discuss the pros and cons […]

Dying Fetus Speak To HEAVY

Maryland death-heads Dying Fetus are bringing their extreme style to Australia in April for their first headline tour Down Under. Drummer Trey Williams gives fans an idea of what to expect. Dying Fetus have taken their sound to even greater heights with 2012 release Reign Supreme, which serves up the band’s usual flare with an […]

Suffocation’s Guy Marchais Talks All Things HEAVY

Death Metal legends Suffocation have released the brutal ‘Pinnacle Of Bedlam’ album recently. This is the seventh album in their fine legacy and Guy Marchais was good enough to speak to HEAVY about a slew of happening in the Suffocation camp. Your new album ‘Pinnacle Of Bedlam’ has just been released… how do you guys […]

Devourment: Conceived In Sewage

If you are familiar with Devourment then you already know that they are 1 of, if not THE sickest, filthiest and devastatingly heaviest Death Metal bands of all time. Their albums and live shows are a lesson in sickness and they have a rabid following among the underground Death Metal scene. ‘Conceived In Sewage’, their […]