ANY GIVEN DAY ‘Overpower’

German band Any Given Day have been on the verge of greatness for awhile now. Their debut album, which was released five years ago, got a lot of people’s attention while their follow up in 2016 saw more fans jump on board… some of their videos even hit the 10 million figure on Youtube.

Now comes their third album – the fresh sounding Overpower. What you hear here is a more mature Any Given Day, a band that has learnt a hell of a lot from their tours with Caliban and Trivium and put it all into their new music. That freshness leaps right out of your speakers on the opening track ‘Start Over’ which also re-introduces you to the vocals of one of the best lead singers going around – Dennis Diehl.

His versatility shows throughout the album. On tracks like ‘Loveless’ one moment he delivers astonishing fast paced vocals before then dipping into a melodic chorus that charms from the get-go. He then takes it to the next level with ‘Savior’ – a track he begins with an blood curdling scream and then ends up taking the vocals into a realm that is normally only reserved for the likes of Jesse Leach.

There is also an infectious side to Overpower. ‘Taking Over Me’ is a perfect catchy banger while the fast paced ‘Lonewolf’ is the perfect song to sing along to at gigs… the lyrics just sick in your mind. All that aside though it is the more personal tracks on the album that show Any Given Day’s growth over the years. The lyrics “there is no truth inside your life” on ‘Devil Inside’ are written from an obviously broken heart while ‘Never Surrender’ is the anti-hater track that every creative person needs to add to their personal playlist.

The mature side of Any Given Day comes out as the band mixes their sounds throughout the album. While ‘Sure To Fail’ has a heavy Nu-Metal sound ‘In Deafening Silence’ mixes pure brutality with melody. Then the bands softer side comes out on ‘Fear’ while ‘Whatever It Takes’ seems to infuse hard rock with bluesy guitar in a way most bands would struggle with.

Overpower shows that Any Given Day are a band that is simply getting better with every release. As you listen to the album you can hear the band evolve and it is to see that this is no longer a band that just shares the stage with the big hitters, they are now a band that deserves to be mentioned alongside them.

Written by Dave Griffiths

Dave has worked as a music & film journalist for over 20 years now. Aside from Heavy he does radio and various podcasts as well. He is the proud owner of Metal Cat.


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