From the very beginning of this album, Invocation Spells present the listener with an aural assault of frantic, chaotic music, which draws you into the darkness they present with The Flame Of Hate. This Chilean band provide a raw, menacing, and primordial offering of blackened thrash metal, from the hellish depths of the South American underground, with a sound reminiscent of Venom or Hellhammer.

Satanic imagery and occult themes permeate much of The Flame Of Hate, with the songs presented almost feeling like spells of possession, in their harsh, merciless delivery. When listening to the track “Nocturnal Silence”, you can almost feel the venomous misanthropy.

Towards the ending of “Ride The Fire” the band take an unexpected descent into an atmospheric soundscape, with the sound of nature mixed with malevolent laughter, you are forcibly taken on a journey into the “Evil Mountains”. This dynamic shift shows the band have grown as songwriters, taking the evil uncompromising ethos from their previous release Descendent The Black Throne (2016), Invocation Spells have further refined their sound, while staying true to their underground roots. The Flame Of Hate cements these guys as an undeniable force within the black/thrash scene, placing them amongst bands such as Slaughtbbath and Sarcófago.

 This album is essential to any black/thrash collection. A savage representation of the obscure Chilean underground.

Written by Jake Gleeson

Jake is a musician living in Melbourne, and has been a Heavy contributor since 2015.

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