Red Rocks Amphitheatre has been a commonplace for bands to record shows for live CD releases. From Incubus to U2. Even comedian Steve Martin. It’s also now the place where Disturbed chose to record their live show for their new release and first live CD titled “Disturbed¬†– Live At Red Rocks”.

The album kicks off with the (almost unnecessary) Introduction. It is purely a minute and a half of clapping and cheering before the band come out on stage. Once they do it’s Ten Thousand Fists which kicks off this live set which was recorded back in August. I’ve seen Disturbed live twice before and I know how great they are live. Unfortunately, frontman David Draiman’s voice seems off key slightly for this first track but that quickly changes once The Game starts and they start to sound as good as I remember them being live.

The Vengeful One is the first taste of the band’s latest effort Immortalized. I missed the band on their recent Aussie tour so I was glad to hear just how powerful this song sounds live and, judging by the screaming, the crowd at Red Rocks loved it too.

Stupify is always a fun song live and Draiman loves having fun with the crowd with the part where they yell “fuck” back at him. After that, they take it down a bit for that cover. Yep, Simon & Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence cover that’s been played to death on the radio this year. The funny part is: I still think it’s a great cover and it sounds really, really good live. It’s great to see another side to the band and to Draiman’s vocals and I’m so glad they can pull it off live. Crowd favourite Down With The Sickness brings the whole thing to a close and what an end it is. “We are Disturbed!” after all.

Live At Red Rocks covers all six of the band’s studio albums and is a great album to buy especially if, like me, you missed their Australian tour recently. Or even if you wanna remember just how good they were live. The only complaint I have is, at a touch over an hour long, it leaves you wanting more! This is their first live CD so do yourself a favour and grab it. You won’t regret it!

Written by Matt Barton

Matt has loved rock and metal music for the last 15 or so years. Slipknot were the band to get him into heavy music and has a Slipknot tattoo to commemorate this.
He used to write for The 59th Sound and interviewed acts as different as Wednesday 13 to Phil Jamieson of Grinspoon.


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