[ALBUM REVIEW] Brutai: Born

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Brutai – Born

Transcend Music

Release Date: 25th November, 2016

Review By: Rod Whitfield

The British five-piece Brutai put a sweet, accessible touch on the techy prog sound that is very much in vogue in heavy music circles across the planet at the moment. And they do it rather well.

Born also presents a real progression from their self-titled EP from three years ago, especially in terms of sound and songwriting nous. It also seems that they have subtly filed down some of the more jagged edges that that EP featured, to the point that they have now hit a real sweet spot between technical heaviness and the ear-pleasing sound that should appeal to a broader range of heavy music loving punters around the world.

They achieve through the application of a slicker, cleaner vocal approach, with inspirationally soaring choruses the order of the day and the injection of some more ambient and electronic moments that are handled beautifully. Six-and-a-half-minute mid-album stunner Valediction being a strong case in point.

At the same time, they prove they can seriously play on a regular basis. The riffs get quite intricate at times; the arrangements tend to shoot out into left field, and the songs take the listener through myriad twists and turns across their length. Check out Over Now, which cuts between beautiful ambience and thumping grooves to seamless effect, and epic closer The Border, where they finally allow themselves to wind out and prog it right up. They saved the best til last.

Born is an excellent release, aimed at listeners who dig their heavy sounds techy and catchy.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvFABBnAXzw]

Written by Rod Whitfield

Rod Whitfield is a veteran in music writing, having started way back in 1995 for Forte magazine in Geelong. He has since been chief rock and metal writer for Buzz Magazine and written for Beat Magazine, The Metal Forge, Mixdown, Reverb Magazine and many others, and he brings a wealth of music knowledge and experience to the pages of Heavy Mag. A former musician himself, he wrote his memoirs on his life and times in Rock n’ Roll, and currently has a number of other writing projects on the go, including his first two novels.


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