Firstly, thank you VERY much for photographing for HEAVY. Your work is appreciated!

NEW:  We are now trialling instant posting of Live Photo Galleries. This means as soon as you hit “Submit” the gallery will be live on the website. If this trial goes well we will leave it like this. To ensure it goes well, please follow ALL instructions exactly as they are requested in each part of the form.

As with most things in life, without rules we have anarchy and while anarchy can be fun for a while, it doesn’t result in anything productive. This is a professional and courteous rule.

By submitting your photos you agree to the rules below and you understand and will not break this rule:

Please don’t post photos of bands you shoot on your social media or website (or anywhere) directly. You are welcome to show them to your database (friends/family/industry/fans/groups/pages/websites/social media/email/sms/…) but do this by sharing the link to the published photographs on the HEAVY website and/or social media post; preferably with the review if there is one.

Please link and flow people too HEAVY by using the published link from the website. Just a “shot for” tag or mention is not acceptable. You are shooting for the publication, the publication got you the accreditation, please flow people to the publication.

After a few weeks, you can use the images how you see fit if you did not sign a contract stating otherwise. In the meantime, it’s professional and courteous to fully support the publication your shot for.

The main point of this is the help HEAVY grow its traffic so that we can reach more people–that’s only going to be a good thing for everyone.

Copyrights: YOU own the photos but so does HEAVY once they are submitted. As stated above you photographed the band under the accreditation of HEAVY Magazine and there for attributing the photos to the accredited publication.

Please make sure you adhere to any forms, release forms or contracts you have signed or any correspondence from the band or publicist in terms of copyright and reproduction. Do not post or sell any of your photos without permission. Remember, you are accredited under HEAVY Magazine please don’t tarnish our reputation.

If you don’t agree with this rules please contact [email protected]

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