1. I think you mean “Honor Found in Decay”

  2. I saw Neurosis for the first time in January. As a long time fan, i was expecting something heavy, spiritual, crushing and life changing. It was all of the above. My Aussie friends, be ready, you wont be let down. Enjoy it, take in every notes, every seconds, breath in every frequencies. They will leave you in tatters, but for the better.

    • Last year, I saw them for the first time. I was blown away at how intensely heavy and beautiful it was. Bring earplugs. It’s really frickin’ loud, in a good way. I’ve never been to any heavy type shows and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Everyone was completely respectful and there was no insanity going on. It was all fans that just wanted to watch/witness and be part of such an amazing experience.

      I want to see them again!!

  3. I saw Neurosis live for the first time in 1997, having discovered them on the Souls at Zero record and they were much more than justa band playing music. Their whole live creation was a force to be reckoned with both visually and audibly. The experience was intense and one that I have been looking to repeat for nearly 17 years as they don’t play in the UK that often so I hope you guys in Aus enjoy the tour.


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